Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lavender Bundle DIY

lavande, sens bon, décoration

Use this lavender bundle to evoke images of southern France, where lavender is very popular. It brings with it a pleasant, perfumed thought and can be offered as a gift to a friend or hostess.

This fresh and delicately braided bundle is as lovely to smell as to look at.

Level: Easy
Creation time:
20 mn



  • 30 sprigs fresh lavender
  • 2 m (6-1/2 ft) ribbon that's 1 cm (3/8 inch) wide


  • Scissors


  • Arrange the lavender sprigs in a bouquet.

lavande, sens bon, décoration

  • With an end of the ribbon, make a knot just below the blooms, tying them together.

lavande, sens bon, décoration

  • Fold all the stalks toward the flowers, spreading them all around.

lavande, sens bon, décoration

  • Weave the ribbon:
    • Pass the ribbon under 2 stalks, then over 2 stalks, and repeat for the rest.
    • Pull tightly each time.

lavande, sens bon, décoration

  • When the first round is finished, do the same thing, reversing the over/under pattern for the next row and each row following until all of the stalks are covered.

lavande, sens bon, décoration

  • Finish with a pretty knot.

lavande, sens bon, décoration

Source: "Froufrou et capucine" ("Froufrou and Nasturtium")


  • Make your bundles on the day the lavender is picked so that the stalks don't break when you fold them.

  • Wait several days after making the knot at the base because, as the stalks dry, the bundle may shrink and it's sometimes necessary to tighten the ribbon.

Source: "Et moi dans tout ça !" ("And me, too, in all that!")


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