Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot Embossing

Embossage à chaud, scrapbooking

Hot embossing - not to be confused with dry embossing, which is done with a stylus - is a technique that puts letters or designs into relief. It enriches any stamping technique and gives a brilliant effect to the design.



  • Slow-drying ink
  • Stamp
  • Clear or colored embossing powder
  • Paper of your choice
  • Scrap paper


  • Paint burner
    (or a heat gun, a tool specific to hot embossing)
  • Stamp


  • Apply the ink to the stamp.

  • Stamp the paper.

Embossage à chaud, scrapbooking

  • Sprinkle embossing powder onto the stamped design.
    NB: The inked design should be completely covered.

  • Pour the excess powder onto scrap paper. Fold the scrap paper like a funnel and pour the leftover powder back into the original container.

Embossage à chaud, scrapbooking

  • Heat the powder with the paint burner by placing it about 15 cm (6 inches) above the paper.
    NB: Keep the paint burner away from children.

  • When the powder has melted and the design is shiny, stop heating it.

Embossage à chaud, scrapbooking


  • To heat the powder, you can also use a toaster and place the paper on top of it.
    NB: Don't put the paper inside the toaster.

  • If you use a paint burner, place the paper on a piece of wood to proect your work area from the heat.

Source: "Blog de Cath" ("Cath's Blog")


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