Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doudou Bonheur: Spreading the Love

First things first. You're probably wondering, "What on earth is a Doudou?!"

In France, a Doudou is the name for any small stuffed animal that is given to a newborn or a young child. Typically, children become attached to one Doudou in particular and that becomes the Doudou (their version of Linus' security blanket).

Doudou Bonheur means "Doudou of Happiness". Here are the details:

The association Amis sans frontières (Friends Without Borders) and Blue Marguerite, the site for creative ideas, are conducting the 1st annual Doudou Bonheur campaign.

This campaign of solidarity lasts from May 15 to June 30, 2009. Its goal is to inspire as many crafters as possible to contribute a little ambassador of happiness to give to babies whose mothers are single or underprivileged throughout France.

Opération de solidarité Doudou bonheur - loisirs créatifs, activités manuelles

Why conduct the Doudou Bonheur campaign?

  • For an underprivileged mother, it's as much a material help as a moral support to receive a baby clothes gift package with a Doudou inside it, because it tells her that someone was thinking of her and her baby.

  • For everyone who's concerned about the welfare of others, offering a handmade gift is a meaningful gesture. Because of the time spent making the Doudou, each participant is thinking of others. Creativity helps us serve others.

What's in a baby clothes gift package?

  • A little blanket, a small hooded jacket, a baby outfit, two baby shirts, a pair of bootees, a newborn baby bonnet, and a 3-month sweater, either cardigan or pullover;

  • A Doudou Bonheur.

How can I participate in Doudou Bonheur?

  • Sew, knit, crochet... One or several, following your own imagination or the tutorials found on Blue Marguerite! Make a little ambassador of happiness according to the safety guidelines and send it, preferably before June 30, to one of the local branches of Amis Sans frontières, who will distribute the Doudous to deserving mothers throughout France.

  • In the meantime, consider sending us your tutorial (if you designed your own Doudou) and a photo of your Doudou. We're preparing an album of all the Doudous Bonheur that are donated.

Mini-book Doudou bonheur, tutos crochet, tricot et couture, loisirs créatifs, activités manuelles

Spread the word about Doudou Bonheur! Place the logo and/or the animated gif on your site. The more people that participate, the more newborns and mothers that will receive these gestures of affection. Put your creativity to work with Doudou Bonheur!


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