Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blue Star August

Every month, Blue Marguerite features one of its contributors as the "Blue Star". This month, we're featuring Megan from the blog Brassy Apple. She was our first English-language contributor. Read on and meet Brassy Apple!

Blue Star August: Brassy Apple

A multi-talented designer always on the lookout for new ideas, Megan at the blog Brassy Apple took some time to share her inspirations with us. Welcome to the colorful world behind Brassy Apple and meet Megan, our first English-language contributor.

BM: Through your crafts, we see your creativity and your fun-loving spirit. How would you describe your world?

Megan: My world? I think my world is a constant battle between my creative, free-spirited side and my organized, dutiful "Mommy" side. Making it all work and fit into one day is a challenge! I always keep a sketchpad close at hand for when ideas strike. I love remaking old items for my home, friends, and family, and I'm always looking for my next project.

BM: What designs inspire your work?

Megan: Well, I love bright, bold designs, but I also adore black and white combinations! And bird silhouettes, pears, quotes, and chandeliers.

BM: What are your favorite media to work in?

Megan: My favorites are fabric and paper. Really, what I enjoy most is taking these and creating something new--a new kit, design, or pattern for my business or making a one-of-a-kind special order for a customer.

BM: What are some of your current projects?

Megan: My main and ever ongoing current project is patterns! I am working on a group of them that will hopefully be distributed worldwide. I'm also updating and creating more DIY apron kits and other kits for women and children that I sell at my store.

BM: You were the first English-speaking contributor to Blue Marguerite. What motivated you to agree to participate in our website?

Megan: I enjoy sharing my ideas and feel blessed when others can relate to or appreciate the things I've created. The Internet connects languages, ethnicities, time zones, and cultures. When I was approached to share on your website, I jumped at the chance to do just that--share, connect, and hopefully inspire someone else.

BM: Do you have any advice for our readers?

Megan: I'd say you need to find your passion, follow your heart, and don't wait for the day when you will "have more time." Do what you love and you will love what you do!

BM: Thank you.

Creative Idea: Personalized Magnets

August 2009

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