Monday, May 11, 2009

Calling All Crafters!

Do you love designing and making original craft projects? Do you have a desire to contribute your personal flair to the creative development of Internet users throughout the world?

Blue Primrose wants to help spread your creative ideas.

Whether you are:

  • a part-time hobbyist with any level of experience and are proud of your creations,

  • a clever and creative crafter,

  • a blogger immersed in an Internet community,

  • an organizer of craft days for children (as a parent, elementary school teacher, professional planner, etc.)

you can share your experiences and join the many other Internet users who are already participating in the Blue Primrose family of sites.

If you have a store or if you give classes on arts and crafts, share your knowledge and make yourself known to a focused, interested, and growing audience.

Your accomplishments in our creative rubric

In order to have a complete and effective project page:

  • List supplies needed (Please, don't mention brand names! Generic products are preferred.)
  • Specify the creation time and the level of difficulty.
  • Explain the different steps of the project.
  • Attach any necessary diagrams, patterns, or templates.
  • Don't forget to take pictures of key steps and, of course, you must attach a good photo of the finished creation.

Send us everything through email; we'll take care of putting together the Internet page.

We send you the finished page for approval, you validate it via email, and we publish it on Blue Primrose.

We will acknowledge you on your project page with your name (or pseudonym) and we will include a link to your site (or blog) if you so desire. You will also be registered as a contributor in our « Pages bleues ».

If you have uploaded a video, don't hesitate to tell us about it. It works best if you first upload the video on a site like DailyMotion or Youtube. Afterward, send us the URL and we will post your video on Blue Primrose.

Other ways to get involved

You can help to make Blue Primrose even better by sharing your tips, techniques, good links, etc.

Channel your inner reporter by writing to tell us about an event in your area (a meeting, an exhibition, an internship, or any other events that encourage creativity).

No matter what the reason, don't hesistate to write to us at

Already a contributor?

Don't hesitate to keep us in the know about your new projects.

And if you haven't already done so, make a link to Blue Marguerite (our parent site) so that we can both increase our web presence!

Thanks in advance.


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