Saturday, May 9, 2009

Potpourri DIY Video

While surfing the ubiquitous YouTube earlier today, I ran across this video on how to make potpourri from dried plants and scented oils:

This video explains the simple process of how to combine dried sprigs, leaves, and petals from good-smelling plants with scented oil to make potpourri. It also suggests packaging the potpourri in small plant pots to give as gifts.

The Christmas potpourri in this video is made from eucalyptus leaves, ginkgo leaves, cedar sprigs, eucalyptus berries, flower heads, lemon slices, and lemon oil.

It's not Christmas now, but spring's here, and potpourri is a great way to capture the fragrances you love to remember throughout the year. Or, if your prefer color to scent, you can dry the petals of springtime flowers and then display them in stemmed goblets: a simple and stunning centerpiece!


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